Member Spotlight: Demetra Crawford

Name: Demetra Crawford
Institution and Role: Montgomery College, Early College Program Coordinator, Biotechnology & Business

If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be? 
To be a black man! To have a first-hand look at the mistreatment or misrepresentation they face, for only one day). To see and experience what my black sons have and will go through. To be a black man so that I can play a bigger role in having their backs as our leaders and strength.  

What is your favorite quote, motto, or mantra? 
Leap and the net will appear! 

What do you do at your current institution? 
Early College Coordinator for Biotechnology and Business 

What are your credentials/experience, for working in your position? 
Within the next two weeks, I will have obtained my fourth degree (Educational Specialist – post masters) in higher education administration - student services. My areas of focus are human services, special education, education (higher education administration – student affairs). I have eight more classes remaining until I have my EdD in HEA as well. I have worked for the Department of Labor and have created policies that support student engagement, retention, and programming. 

What are the values that drive you?
1. Will my children and family be proud of me? 

2. Does it show integrity? 

3. Are you considering other’s feelings before you speak?

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