AACRAO 2022 Leadership Meeting Re-Cap

Photo: Jamie Kriger & Johnika Dreher 

AACRAO 2022 Leadership Meeting Re-Cap

"If you are tapped on the shoulder, answer the call." - Philip Hunt

The stars aligned and it was a beautiful weekend in the Nation's Capitol for AACRAO's 2022 Leadership Meeting. I had the opportunity to connect with about 100 AACRAO leaders across the globe. AACRAO's Leadership Meeting is an annual invite-only meeting with the AACRAO Board, AACRAO Planning and Activities Committee members, and AACRAO State and Regional Leaders. This three-day leadership meeting provides opportunities for members to receive updates about the parent association, engaging members and keeping our state and regional associations in tip-top shape!

Are you interested in attending AACRAO's Annual Leadership Meeting? Serving as a CAPACRAO Board Member gets you access! There is still time to join our Executive Board for the 2022-2023 year. Our Annual Board Retreat is in August. We have two vacancies we would love for you to join us - learn more here. Email [email protected] with your interest.

There were tons of learning, networking, laughs, and of course action items. CAPACRAO was well represented by Carol Harrison, Cassandra Moore, and myself. It was so good to see former CAPACRAO President Jamie Holmes-Kriger. My favorite activities were the Keynote Speaker, the State & Regional Leadership Day, and networking with AACRAO leaders. If you are looking for a dynamic presenter for your next meeting, training, or workshop - consider Deedra Daniel. She was phenomenal.

Here are some essential components that benefit our general membership:

1.  Roster Access. While no formal information is available to share right now, your calls for access to AACRAO benefits as a non-roster member have been heard. Expect more information about the change in the roster structure to be shared at the 2023 AACRAO Annual Conference.

2. AACRAO Website. AACRAO has a plethora of resources openly available regardless of AACRAO affiliation. I learned there are so many ways to access unlimited resources within the AACRAO website. All you have to do is create an account. Don't be afraid - sign up today to access. 

Some great resources:

AACRAO Core Competencies
AACRAO Calendar

AACRAO Publications
AACRAO Research
AACRAO Caucuses & Groups (includes listserves)
AACRAO Monthly Book Club
AACRAO Advocacy 

3. Annual Conference + Proposal Submissions

4. Conner Scholarship

If you need financial assistance to attend the Annual Conference, AACRAO has a wonderful scholarship opportunity colleagues can apply for. To learn more, click here: AACRAO Conner Scholarship.

5. Best of the Best Conference Nomination

Each year, following our CAPACRAO Annual Meeting, we are able to nominate one workshop as the "Best of the Best" to AACRAO. The workshop is automatically added to the conference agenda. And, one presenter will receive complimentary registration to attend the Annual Conference. The Executive Board is working to identify our Best of the Best nomination for the 2023 Annual Conference. Stay tuned for our announcement. 

6. On-Demand Learning

AACRAO offers an extensive catalog of on-demand and live training to help both individuals and teams of enrollment professionals. View the Bookstore for workshops. These could be great ways to boost summer professional development for your staff. If you'd like to partner with CAPACRAO in hosting these webinars, send us an email via [email protected] to discuss your ideas.

7. Advocacy Center

Staying up to date on the state and federal policies is important in this current climate. There are many societal issues that are impacting the higher education landscape. CAPACRAO offers an Advocacy Committee and we are looking for members to join and support the overall engagement of the membership around state and federal issues for Maryland and Washington, DC. If you are interested in supporting CAPACRAO, send us an email via [email protected]. Click here to explore the AACRAO resources that can help us achieve this goal efficiently and effectively. 

It is always a pleasure to represent you. I hope you find this update beneficial. CAPACRAO is always looking for ways to ensure our members are informed and engaged. Let us know how we can serve you better.

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