February 2022 Dual Enrollment SIG Updates & Agenda

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Can you believe we are inching up to our 6th Dual Enrollment Special Interest Group Meeting? Wow! We've been connecting, sharing and more for a whole year now! Kudos to us. Our next meeting is Wednesday, February 2, 2022, at 2:30 PM and wanted to say Happy New Year and provide some updates.

Also, there is a MSDE Meeting on Tuesday, January 25 regarding the Blue Print. See below for more details. 

Dual Enrollment SIG Agenda & RSVP

Our meetings are enhanced through your attendance and participation. The agenda items slated for this meeting will center around:

  • Dual Enrollment Yield,
  • Dual Enrollment Recruitment & Retention Efforts, 
  • Dual Enrollment Communication Plans & Vaccine Mandates,
  • Kirwin Report, and
  • DMV Dual Enrollment Comprehensive Database.

These topics are flexible. We value engaging in an Open Forum where colleagues can broach any questions and launch a discussion. If you have additional topic ideas, suggestions, and/or speakers - please email them to [email protected] or send via the listserve.

If you haven't registered yet, click here to RSVP.
If you have issues with registration, email [email protected]

Professional Development Opportunity

Since our inception, we have had numerous conversations about the The Kirwin Report, also known as the Blue Print. How are conversations going with your leadership? Feel free to share updates at our meeting or via our listserve. 

The Maryland Department of Education has a special session on The Blue Print on Tuesday, January 25, 2022 at 1:00 PM. To view the agenda and log in access for the Board Meeting, click here.

From the Maryland Association of Community Colleges

To review the January 21, 2022 In A Crab Shellclick here.

Comprehensive Database

By recommendation of our SIG Member Mr. Akima Rogers, we have created a document to serve as a comprehensive database of our institutional directives for our early middle college programs. As time permits, you can contribute to this document by:

  1. Adding your institutional information,
  2. Sharing with colleagues who can add institutional information,
  3. Adding additional columns to expand the depth of this database,
  4. Save this database as a bookmark and return to it, and
  5. Outreach to colleagues for more information.

Creating this comprehensive database will efficiently access our program features, benchmark efforts and allow for a specific engagement between one another where applicable. Feel free to utilize multiple lines to delineate different programs for your institution. Please be mindful to not delete or modify other institutions' information. The priority completion date is November 3, 2021. However, please complete as your time permits: Access here


Are we missing anything? 

Feel free to share additional information that can benefit members of our Special Interest Group.

This article was written by Johnika Dreher, member of the Communication Committee and co-lead of the Dual Enrollment Special Interest Group. Direct questions, comments, concerns and ideas to [email protected]

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