Team Building Activities

Team Building Activities

Why is team building important? It builds trust and respect among team member, mitigates conflict, encourages communication, and increases collaboration. Check out this lists of fun team building activities to try with your team this month!

*Back-to-back Drawing – Communication
What you'll need: Paper, pens/markers, printouts of simple line drawings or basic shapes. 

Instructions: Split your group into pairs and have each pair sit back to back. One person gets a picture of a shape or simple image, and the other gets a piece of paper and pen. The person holding the picture gives verbal instructions to their partner on how to draw the shape or image they've been given (without simply telling them what the shape or image is). After a set amount of time, have each set of partners compare their images and see which team drew the most accurate replica. 


Marshmallow Spaghetti Tower – Creative Problem Solving & Collaboration Exercise
What you'll need: 20 sticks of uncooked spaghetti, 1 roll of masking tape, 1 yard of string, and 1 marshmallow for every team. 

Instructions: Using just these supplies, which team can build the tallest tower? There's a catch: the marshmallow has to be at the very top of the spaghetti tower, and the whole structure has to stand on its own (that means no hands or other objects supporting it!) for five seconds.


Community Service – Team Bonding & Icebreakers
What you'll need: A few hours out of the workday

Instructions: Participate in Adopt-a-Family programs during the holidays, organize a beach clean up, take on a community beautification project — find an activity that appeals to your team or reflects your company values, get out of the office, and do some good for your community and your team.


Salt and Pepper – Communication Skills
What you'll need: Tape, a pen, a small piece of paper for each employee and a list of well-known pairs (think peanut butter and jelly, Mario and Luigi, or salt and pepper). 

Instructions: Write one half of each pair on the sheets of paper (Mario on one piece, Luigi on another, and so on). Tape one paper to each person's back, then have everyone mingle and try to figure out the word on their back. The rule: they can only ask each other yes or no questions. Once they figure out their word, they need to find the other half of their pair. When they find each other, have them sit down and find three things they have in common while the rest of the team continues.


Afternoon at the Races – Collaboration Exercise
What you'll need: One pinewood derby car kit for each team, chalk for start and finish lines

Instructions: Have teams build and race their own mini pinewood cars. If you want, go all out and let teams create mascots and themes, and host a mini-tail gate with snacks and music.


*Campfire/Memory Wall Team Bonding & Icebreakers
What you'll need: Post-It notes or a whiteboard

Instructions: Write a few general work-related topics on the white board or on sticky notes posted to the wall: “My first day,” “Teamwork,” “Work travel,” etc. Gather your team together and have everyone choose one of the topics and share a story from their time with your company to laugh and bond over shared experiences. Or, pass out sticky notes and have everyone write down positive memories of working together or special team accomplishments. They can use words or pictures to record these memories. Then have everyone share their memory and post it on the wall, forming a positive memory cloud.


Paper Plane Contest – Collaboration Exercise
What you'll need: A long hallway, tape to mark launch line, measuring stick, card stock

Instructions: This game can be played either indoor or outdoor. Each team gets a piece of card stock to construct a paper plane. Show them a variety of airplane designs and let them work together to construct one they think will fly the farthest. Add to the fun by decorating the planes before launch. The team whose plane flies farthest wins all the glory!


*Regular trivia contests – Team Bonding
Everyone loves trivia. So, why not try watercooler trivia — a game that's specially designed for remote team building. This will save you hours in planning and execution. Making it a weekly contest will help build fun anticipation for everyone.


*Can be used with remote teams via video conference.


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