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AACRAO Congressional Hill Day

In June 2019, I had the esteemed honor of participating in AACRAO's Congressional Hill Day. The application deadline is swiftly approaching and you too have a great opportunity to join AACRAO in this very important annual event. During Hill Day, participants are able to speak not only on behalf of AACRAO and their institution but as a constituent of their state and the students who they serve daily - literally and figueratively.

Being welcomed at the in-person Hill Day was a wonderfully exhilarating day with a morning breakfast and prep session from the AACRAO Legislative Committee. At the Capitol Building, we took our group picture and then we were given instructions to head to our pre-scheduled meetings with our Congressional Representatives.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to actually meet my representatives but I did have the opportunity to visit their offices with my fellow CAPACRAO leader, Jamie Holmes Kriger (Past President), and speak with their aide about specific issues AACRAO outlined as our association agenda. In addition to speaking to their aide, Jamie and I were able to provide reading materials to pass along to our representative. The aides were friendly, often knowledgeable and open to discussion about the issues we brought forward. While I was familiar with the majority of the hot button issues of 2019: HEA Reauthorization (Reverse Transfer, FERPA, Funding and Accountability), along with the DREAM and SECURE Acts, I appreciate the quick brain pop session facilitated by AACRAO along with the practice activities with our AACRAO peers to ensure all participants were on an even playing field. 

Following my first meeting, the other two were easy breezy. Fortunately, I had a peer and Jamie and I were able to bounce the conversation equitably between each other walking away with a team engagement level of satisfaction. While you won't be walking the halls of our Congressional Leaders this year due to COVID, the opportunity to advocate as a constituent of your state holds significant weight. Our leaders need to hear from us more than ever whether virtual or in-person. Consider this experience as not only professional development, but service as well. The beauty within the entire experience is AACRAO is committed to engaging its members and ensuring your success through involvement.

This is perfect for any member of AACRAO from the front line to the senior leader. No legislatie background knowledge is needed. 

What are you waiting for? To learn more about the experience, click here and submit your application by July 2, 2021.
Review the 2019 write up

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