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The Future of Enrollment Management: Leveraging Your Role

RSVP to join AACRAO State and Regional leaders to explore the Future of Enrollment Management and 5 Ways to Leverage Your Role on Thursday, April 27, 2023 at 3 PM. 

Explore ways to get involved in CAPACRAO and AACRAO.

2023-2024 Executive Board Nominations

L FOR NOMINATIONS - 2023 Executive Board

Nominate yourself or another colleague. 

CAPACRAO is a registered 501C3 non-profit. As an affiliate of AACRAO, Executive Board leaders volunteer an average of 5 hours a month to facilitate strategy, engagement and development for our membership. Serving as a member of the CAPACRAO Executive Board aids in enhancing business and virtual team working skills, provides an opportunity to get involved in local, regional and national strategic enrollment management initiatives, and is a great opportunity to sustain and push the association to the next level. 

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Board Nominations

2022 Executive Board

Nominate yourself or colleagues. 

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Get Involved: Board Vacancies

Looking for career development opportunities? Consider joining our executive board!

Positions Available: Vice President of Membership & Technology

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Meet The New Executive Board (But, we still need YOU)

Meet The New Executive Board 

It's a new year for CAPACRAO. We are so excited to share our new executive team with you. 

Past-Present: Sheena Luaehu-Lyons, Towson University
President: Johnika Dreher, Prince George's Community College 
President-Elect: Shari Christie, Bowie State University
Vice President of Programming: Reginald Garson, Washington Adventist University
Vice President of Communications: Danielle Worsham, Towson University
Treasurer: Rebecca Fowler, Towson University
Treasurer-Elect: Otu Obot, II, Prince George's Community College

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2021 Annual Business Meeting Re-Cap

Picture retrieved from RGX 

Congratulations! 2020 was definitely a worldwind experience and unexpected in so many ways. However, what a way to truly pivot an association that was planning an in-person meeting at Towson University for June 2020. We took some time on Wednesday, June 30, 2021 at 1:00 PM to share our reflection as an association with our members. Thank you to all of the attendees who registered and joined us to not just learn of the business side of CAPACRAO but reflect on the dynamic work that we've done over the past year.

What an amazing year for CAPACRAO and our members. Kudos to the dynamic team of volunteers - who serve on the executive board, committees, those who contribute as guest speakers, writers and various contributers. This year is dedicated to you. Because while we were balancing the work of our evolving roles during the pandemic, we still connected, contributed and cared about our personal and professional development. Most importantly, we did it together. From the Chat & Chews in March and April, to the Summer Leadership Series that replaced our Summer Meeting, to the monthly virtual Happy Hours, to our CAPACRAO Supports Local Initiative, around to the modification of our newsletter, increased engagement within our social media plaforms, our Member Spotlight Series, the launching of our Special Interest Group for Dual Enrollment, and continous webinars, we truly did not miss a beat. For our collective efforts, we were recognized by AACRAO at the 2021 Annual Conference.

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President's Welcome 2021

President's Welcome

Hello Members, Sponsors and Colleagues:

On June 30, 2021, many of our distinguished Executive Board members’ term came to an end, and a new Executive Board transitioned in. I am honored to be your incoming President and I want to acknowledge the leadership provided by Sheena Luaehu-Lyons as President, Seth Kamen as Past-President, last year's board and standing committee members. Many thanks for the work that they have done to cultivate the Association. I also want to thank our Sponsors because our achievement would not have been possible without their continued support and dedication to excellence.

I am excited to welcome my colleagues, some new but many who are returning members, into their new roles. I am humble and grateful for this opportunity serve as your President but I have to be honest, we need our members in a mighty way this year. My favorite quote is actually an African Proverb and it is "many hands make for light work." As President, I would greatly appreciate you, our members, joining us this year in whatever capacity enhances your strengths, provides you value and allows you to share your talents. Some ideas, but in one way do we want to limit you, are:

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CAPACRAO Annual Business Meeting

Members register using this link.

2021 Call for Board Nominations

2021 Executive Board

Serving as a member of the CAPACRAO Board helps develop leadership skills, provides an opportunity to get involved in local, regional and national issues, and is a great opportunity to push the organization to the next level. Please consider either a self-nomination or identifying a current member who is ready to take the next step in CAPACRAO leadership. We're looking for dedicated individuals who can bring a new perspective and voice for our members.

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Get Involved: Board Vacancies

Looking for career development opportunities? Joining our executive board is a great opportunity!


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