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Rejuvenate Your LinkedIn Profile

Rejuvenate Your LinkedIn Profile

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AACRAO February 2021 Eye On Research

Eye on Research: February 2021

The COVID-19 mental health impact, community college transfer, and credentials

I hoped that 2021 would start well and stay smooth, and it has for AACRAO Research. But it is off to a bumpy start for many of our members in parts of the country impacted by extreme weather. Even with the disruption many are facing, our members have been generous with their time by continuing to respond to our research requests – almost 1,000 responded to the training needs survey! I have said it many times, our research, and the practice and policy recommendations that are gleaned from the data, would not be possible without your participation; thank you.

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February is American Heart Month

COVID aside, during the winter months, we tend to engage in less physical activities that can get our hearts engaged. February is American Heart Month. CAPACRAO challenges you this month to encourage you, your family, your coworkers, and anyone else you are in constant communication with to boost your awareness about heart health.

Heart Healthy Ideas

  • Wear Red! Friday, February 5 doesn't have to be the only day we wear red! Suggest it for your next staff meeting.
  • Exercise! Support a local gym by attending their live virtual classes. Or find a video via YouTube.
  • Make Valentine's Day Heart Healthy! Plan a date to go on a hike or cook a heart-healthy meal with your loved one on Valentine’s Day.
  • Walk! Commit to a walking schedule with a friend or family member, even if you can’t walk together. We are virtual nowadays anyway.
    • Walking outside? There is an app called Charity Miles that donate resources based on your walking. Learn more here.
    • Walking inside? Search "walking exercises" via Youtube for tons of inspiration.
  • Create a Department Team Builder! Challenge your office, department, or unit to participate in a “steps” contest. Use activity trackers (hint, Charity Miles is free - learn more here) to see which team takes the most steps.
  • Flip Your Team Staff Meeting! Ask health care providers or members of your Student Wellness Center to give a presentation to your office, department, or unit about ways to prevent heart disease.
  • Get Social! Join the #OurHearts movement by sharing on social media how you’re working with friends or family to be heart healthy. Encourage your friends and family to as well. Be sure to use the hashtag!
Thanks for reading. Explore more ways to help encourage heart-healthy behaviors for yourselves or others. 
Do you have insights for other heart-healthy ideas this month? Don't be shy! Feel free to comment below and share.