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Invitation to Submit Conference Session Proposal for MSACROA 94th Annual Conference

MSACROA Conference Call for Session Proposals


The MSACROA Executive Committee is looking forward to our 94th Annual Conference on December 2-4, 2024, at the Lord Baltimore Hotel in Baltimore, Maryland! We invite you to submit a conference session proposal to help make the conference a success for all who attend.

Whether you are a new or seasoned presenter, this is a great opportunity to share your expertise, insights, and skills with fellow professionals. Present a session on your own, team up with a peer from another institution and give two sides to your idea, or have a panel discussion with multiple presenters. There is something to fit everyone! We seek proposals on a wide variety of topics such as admissions, registrar, financial aid, professional development, health and wellness, student information systems, DEI, disability awareness, and student success and completion.

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April Professional Development Calendar

April Professional Development Calendar

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CAPACRAO's Free Webinar: The Campus Malaise

Sigma Gamma Rho Youth Symposium Invitation - Call for Facilitators and Vendors


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4th Annual Maryland HBCU Virtual Education Recruitment Fair

Ignite Your Career!

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Calling for Proposals for Equity Week at Montgomery College

montgomerycollege - YouTube

"Understanding Belonging and Mattering.”

April 15 - 19, 2024 is Equity Week at MC! We anticipate another successful week and invite students and employees from the MC community to submit proposals related to the theme, "Understanding Belonging and Mattering.”


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Season's Greetings & Happy New Year 2024

The CAPACRAO Executive team wishes you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We hope you will use the winter break to get the rest and rejuvenation you deserve and are ready to tackle another semester. This year we resolve to continue providing a vibrant network of resources and learning opportunities that enables all CAPACRAO's members to grow and thrive!

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Member Spotlight: Otu Obot, MA

1)      What Is your role at your current institution?

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The ASCEND leadership development program is now accepting applications through September 14thASCEND is an initiative aimed at diversifying enrollment management by recruiting and preparing mid-level professionals from underrepresented backgrounds for advancement into leadership roles. Through mentoring, skill-building and more, ASCEND provides talented individuals with the support they need to become inclusive executive-level leaders in our field.

Apply Today!!

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CAPACRAO Executive Board Member Selected as AACRAO State & Regional Vice Chair

Member Spotlight

Johnika Dreher, CAPACRAO Past President (2022-2023) was selected as State & Regional Relations Vice Chair. She will transition to Chair during the 2024 Annual AACRAO Conference in Columbus, Ohio.

AACRAO and the state and regional associations (ACRAOs), such as CAPACRAO, share the same basic goals of enhancing not only the profession but also the professional development of the individual members. One of the fundamental strengths of our profession is the vitality of strong, active state and regional associations. These associations provide members with many professional development activities and opportunities and generally are instrumental in forging the informal networks that exist throughout the country.

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The Future of Enrollment Management: Leveraging Your Role

RSVP to join AACRAO State and Regional leaders to explore the Future of Enrollment Management and 5 Ways to Leverage Your Role on Thursday, April 27, 2023 at 3 PM. 

Explore ways to get involved in CAPACRAO and AACRAO.

Balance & Boundaries Webinar - February 23, 2023

Everything Is a Priority Today

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February is American Heart Month. According to the American Heart Association, Heart Disease is America's number one health crisis. 

The heart is the muscle that pumps blood received from veins into arteries throughout the body. The heart represents the center of love and security. Louise Hay, a self-help author of You Can Heal Your Life, outlined the facets of illnesses in relationship to how individuals live and process their lived experiences. Hay surmises that someone who experiences a heart attack has a lived experiences where there is a "squeezing of joy out of the heart in favor of money or position." Hay continues by saying the individuals may say statements to themselves like:

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2023-2024 Executive Board Nominations

L FOR NOMINATIONS - 2023 Executive Board

Nominate yourself or another colleague. 

CAPACRAO is a registered 501C3 non-profit. As an affiliate of AACRAO, Executive Board leaders volunteer an average of 5 hours a month to facilitate strategy, engagement and development for our membership. Serving as a member of the CAPACRAO Executive Board aids in enhancing business and virtual team working skills, provides an opportunity to get involved in local, regional and national strategic enrollment management initiatives, and is a great opportunity to sustain and push the association to the next level. 

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CAPACRAO 2023 Call for Award Nominations

CAPACRAO invites you to SUBMIT YOUR NOMINATIONS for our annual awards. 

These awards will be presented during CAPACRAO's Annual Business Meeting in June. 

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Happy New Year!

The CAPACRAO Executive team wishes you a very Happy New Year! We hope you all used the recent winter break to get the rest and rejuvenation you deserved and are ready to tackle another semester. This year we resolve to continue providing a vibrant network of resources and learning opportunities that enables all CAPACRAO's members to grow and thrive!

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We all want to be H.E.A.R.D.: Personal Reflections

I recently dialogued with a few colleagues about the Chronicle of Higher Education Op-Ed piece, Higher
 Ed Is a Land of Dead-End Jobs. So, episode 2 was a timely conversation unpeeling the ill-discussed realities of working in higher education - the undefined ladder to leadership, the role of mentorship, and the impacts of race, gender, and a lack of representation. It was refreshing to hear the divergent paths of three unique leaders, although each sit within the S.E.M. area of Records and Academic Services. Although I loved A Different World, I never imagined I could, or would, work in higher education. Listening to the conversation led me reflectively down my career path and various personal experiences that span two decades. 

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Member Spotlight: Sheena Jackson

Name:  Sheena Jackson
Institution and Role: Director of Admissions & Scholarships
Number of years at your institution: 15

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Have you H.E.A.R.D.?

Have You H.E.A.R.D.?

Joining the professional development offerings alongside Admit It and For the Record, AACRAO has launched its newest podcast - H.E.A.R.D. H.E.A.R.D. stands for Higher Education and Real Diversity. The conversations are led by three AACRAO members and colleagues within Enrollment Management as they discuss the intersection of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (D.E.I.), Higher Education, and the personal impact of these topics within the current landscape.

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