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AACRAO Transcript 1/21/2021

AACRAO Transcript - Week of 1/21/2021
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January 2021 Legislative Update

Picture Credit: Kalamazoo Public Library 

2020 was a tumultuous year for higher education. But what is the outlook for 2021? How will Dr. Miguel Cardona, Biden's pick for Education Secretary and an educator with a background in K-12 education, interact with the realm of higher education? What factors will affect the industry most? The below articles shed some light on these questions.

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Coronavirus Live Updates Powered By Inside Higher Education

Image reposted from Bloomberg Business Week.

Live Updates: Latest News on Coronavirus and Higher Education

View this link for real-time updates on higher education statuses and updates. Powered by Inside Higher Education. 

Want to dialogue or chat about what you are reading? Feel free to launch a comment via the blog. We would love to hear from you and know what our CAPACRAO institutions are doing and how they are managing during this time. 

AACRAO Coffee Break Ideas - Spring 2021


AACRAO is seeking your suggestions for spring 2021 coffee break ideas.
What are your campus concerns? What do you need professionally? 

Feel free to make a comment via our blog and we will forward them. 

Connect with Dual Enrollment Colleagues in CAPACRAO

Dual Enrollment has been steadily gaining traction over the last few years. For institutions in Maryland, the spark increased with the passing of the 2013 legislation SB-740. We find that Dual Enrollment is managed differently in both Maryland and the District of Columbia. Several colleagues have expressed desires to connect more easily and frequently. CAPACRAO has answered the call by creating a listserve to share resources and dialogue quarterly about Dual Enrollment's evolution.  

Join our Dual Enrollment Listserve

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AACRAO Transcript 1/7/2021

AACRAO Transcript - Week of 1/7/2021
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Spring 2021 Plans

imageHappy New Year! I came across this January 5th article in The Chronicle, As the Pandemic Worsens, College Prepare to Test Their Spring Plans and I'm wondering, how are CAPACRAO institutions operating? 

We would love to dialogue with you. Feel free to leave your responses via our blog.

January 2021 Professional Development Events

Professional Development Calendar

AACRAO Monthly Caucus Meeting | Virtual | January 12, 2021 | 3 PM 

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COVID Safe Activities This Winter

Monday, December 21, 2020, begins the Winter season. While COVID is still present, consider ways for you to engage in safe activities that provide health and wellness. View this article from the University of Maryland Medical System with suggestions for COVID safe activities. Stay safe! Stay healthy.

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AACRAO Transcript 12/17/2020

AACRAO Transcript - Week of 12/17/2020
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AACRAO Transcript 12/10/2020

AACRAO Transcript - Week of 12/10/2020
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Happy Holidays 2020


Happy Holidays, CAPACRAO!

The CAPACRAO Executive Board wants to wish our members and partners a happy and healthy holiday season! We hope you're able to unplug and rejuvenate during the holidays! CAPACRAO has a lot in store for you in 2021. Please be on the lookout for various events and engagement opportunities planned for the new year. 

December 2020 Legislative Update

Updates on the legislative initiatives impacting Higher Education.
  • A new report identifies myths about transferring schools and what potential solutions for policymakers are. Inside Higher Ed summarizes the findings.
  • The Department of Education said recently that it had reduced the percentage of federal student-aid applicants it will select for verification. Here’s why that matters (The Chronicle)
  • Two Georgia runoff elections in January will decide control of the U.S. Senate and will shape the legislative agenda at the federal level for at least the next two years. Here's what's at stake for the Senate Education Committee (EducationWeek).  

Dialogue with us. Feel free to comment below.
Share and expand with us. Would you like to share articles and legislative issues you've come across for dialogue within CAPACRAO? Email topics, ideas, and articles to [email protected] or post to one of our listserves. 

AACRAO Transcript 12/3/2020

AACRAO Transcript - Week of 12/3/2020
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Get Involved: Board Vacancies

Looking for career development opportunities? Joining our executive board is a great opportunity!


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Member Spotlight: Warran Bryan

Name: Warren Bryan
Institution: University of Maryland, College Park 
Role: Assistant in the Office of the Registrar
What do you do at UMD?  
My main responsibilities are managing the Undergraduate Catalog and its production process, assisting with Records and Registration Services-related tasks and helping tackle different projects that come through the office. 
I also like to think one of my big job responsibilities is making anyone I interact with smile and maybe laugh a little too 

Member Spotlight: Danielle Worsham

Danielle Worsham
Title: Records and Registration Associate
Institution: Towson University

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December 2020 Profession Development Events

Professional Development Calendar

Attract, Inspire, Mentor, and Support Students (AIMS2) Program | Virtual | December 10, 2020 | 1 PM 

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Member Spotlight: Courtney Resnick

Courtney Resnick, EdD
Title: Associate University Registrar
Institution: Johns Hopkins University

What do you do at Johns Hopkins University?

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