AACRAO Survey On Mentorship

Participate in a survey for AACRAO's Mentoring Work Group

The AACRAO Mentoring Work Group will develop best practices for mentors and mentees alike and provide the foundation for any future AACRAO Mentor Program. 

Now is an essential time for AACRAO to provide guidance on the meaning and significance of mentorship in these three areas:

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AACRAO February 2021 Eye On Research

Eye on Research: February 2021

The COVID-19 mental health impact, community college transfer, and credentials

I hoped that 2021 would start well and stay smooth, and it has for AACRAO Research. But it is off to a bumpy start for many of our members in parts of the country impacted by extreme weather. Even with the disruption many are facing, our members have been generous with their time by continuing to respond to our research requests – almost 1,000 responded to the training needs survey! I have said it many times, our research, and the practice and policy recommendations that are gleaned from the data, would not be possible without your participation; thank you.

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CAPACRAO Shops Local: February Brews

We love our local businesses! 

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AACRAO Transcript 2/11/2021

AACRAO Transcript - Week of 2/11/21
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What Is Re-Boarding?

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The release of the coronavirus vaccinations has undoubtedly increased the frequency and depth of conversations surrounding businesses reopening. And while reopening procedures vary geographically and between companies, there is at least one consistent that companies and supervisors should consider: reboarding. Reboarding is a modified version of onboarding that seeks to refamiliarize employees who have been off or teleworking with general office procedures while encouraging managers to relearn their employees. The COVID-19 pandemic has permanently changed the way people and organizations function, their priorities, and in some instances, what they value. Below are a few tips to make bringing your employees back into the office a smoother process.

  1. Be prepared to reorient your employees and retrain them on office basics. After all, some people have been working from home for nearly a year.
  2. Recognize that your employees and coworkers have changed and grown. People’s mindsets and circumstances have changed, which has changed their wants and needs. Additionally, your employees may have gained self-awareness and undergone a professional growth spurt.1
  3. Know which employees are more productive in the office versus who works best at home?1
  4.  “Guard against ‘Prove-it’ Burnout.” Encourage employees to take breaks; likewise, discourage those teleworking from working more than they work in the office.1
  5. Communication is key. Frequent and honest communication helps people feel more comfortable and less anxious about change.2,3
  6. Be empathic: consider that not everyone’s feelings are the same regarding the pandemic or about returning to the office.2

To conclude, for many of us, much has changed both personally and professionally. Thus, it is advantageous for employers to be conscious of how these changes have manifested in their employees and respond accordingly. 

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Member Spotlight: Reginald Garcon

Name: Dr. Reginald 
Title: Registrar and Adjunct Faculty
Institution: Washington Adventist University

What do you do at Washington Adventist University?

I oversee all aspects of the Office of the Registrar. My biggest function as Registrar is being a creative problem solver and ensuring students are progressing and meeting all requirements towards graduation.

What are the values that drive you?

My purpose in life focuses on the 3 E’s (education, engagement, and entertainment) while acknowledging God for the gifts and creativity HE has given me.

If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be?

Just for one day – being in charge of all Broadway theaters.

What do you like about working at Washington Adventist University?

I do love the spiritual aspect of working at my school. It provides built in opportunities for personal spiritual growth as well as being deliberate to take time and pause. I also love my team.

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CAPACRAO Member Selected for AACRAO Work Group

CAPACRAO Members are always on the move! Congratulations to Jacqui Rogers, Coordinator of Transfer and Articulation at the College of Southern Maryland, who was recently selected to serve on AACRAO's Transfer Student Success Work Group. The fourteen member workgroup will expand dialouge and policy discussions regarding domestic and international student transfer.

Why she applied?

I was excited at the opportunity to dive into the research and scholarly work within transfer to provide guidance on a bigger scale. It also gives me the opportunity to work and learn with other professionals throughout the country. I may have also had some encouragement from Carol Harrison, the Registrar at the College of Southern Maryland. 

What she hopes this will be gained for two and four-year instititions? 

I hope this workgroup will encourage 2-year and 4-year institutions to strive to improve their transfer initiatives from a holistic perspective, analyzing all of the aspects of the institution that touch transfer.

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CAPACRAO Supports Local

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Celebrations are the punctuation marks that make sense of the passage of time; without them, there are no beginnings and endings. Life becomes an endless series of Wednesdays.” -
James Kouzes & Barry Posner

CAPACRAO members take great pride in the work we do and the students we serve: but we like to have fun too! We have created an initiative that will surely provoke nostalgia and generate conversation about the places and things we love, have discovered and re-discovered and things we miss. Our local businesses need our support. Let's promote our local gems among one another. Join us all year as we #CAPACRAOShopsLocal!

Each month we will introduce a theme via our social media accounts and ask that you share your recommendations/memories associated with the theme for that month. Each suggestion gives you an entry into our quarterly raffle drawing!

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AACRAO Transcript 2/4/2021

AACRAO Transcript - Week of 2//4/21
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CAPACRAO Launches a Dual Enrollment SIG

Dual Enrollment Word Cloud made using

CAPACRAO Launches a Dual Enrollment SIG for Chesapeake and Potomac Area Colleagues

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February is American Heart Month

COVID aside, during the winter months, we tend to engage in less physical activities that can get our hearts engaged. February is American Heart Month. CAPACRAO challenges you this month to encourage you, your family, your coworkers, and anyone else you are in constant communication with to boost your awareness about heart health.

Heart Healthy Ideas

  • Wear Red! Friday, February 5 doesn't have to be the only day we wear red! Suggest it for your next staff meeting.
  • Exercise! Support a local gym by attending their live virtual classes. Or find a video via YouTube.
  • Make Valentine's Day Heart Healthy! Plan a date to go on a hike or cook a heart-healthy meal with your loved one on Valentine’s Day.
  • Walk! Commit to a walking schedule with a friend or family member, even if you can’t walk together. We are virtual nowadays anyway.
    • Walking outside? There is an app called Charity Miles that donate resources based on your walking. Learn more here.
    • Walking inside? Search "walking exercises" via Youtube for tons of inspiration.
  • Create a Department Team Builder! Challenge your office, department, or unit to participate in a “steps” contest. Use activity trackers (hint, Charity Miles is free - learn more here) to see which team takes the most steps.
  • Flip Your Team Staff Meeting! Ask health care providers or members of your Student Wellness Center to give a presentation to your office, department, or unit about ways to prevent heart disease.
  • Get Social! Join the #OurHearts movement by sharing on social media how you’re working with friends or family to be heart healthy. Encourage your friends and family to as well. Be sure to use the hashtag!
Thanks for reading. Explore more ways to help encourage heart-healthy behaviors for yourselves or others. 
Do you have insights for other heart-healthy ideas this month? Don't be shy! Feel free to comment below and share. 

Spring 2021 Greetings from CAPACRAO President

My name is Sheena Luaehu-Lyons and I am the President of CAPACRAO. Last year brought a whirlwind of changes for all our institutions. As we adapted to the ever-changing environment, our organization made a quick pivot to discover new ways to connect with its members and corporate partners in a virtual setting. I was happy to connect with many of you through our virtual programming in 2020 which included webinars, happy hours, and a summer lunch-and-learn series.

I am proud to announce that CAPACRAO was awarded the Elbert W. Ockerman State and Regional Professional Activity Award by AACRAO. This accolade was accomplished through the collaboration of our Executive Board and Standing Committee members, our Corporate Partners, and each of the members from our Member Institutions. Thank you for sharing this success with us!

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Inside HigherEd Podcast: Eposide 36

Did you know that Inside Higher Ed launched a podcast?
Check out Episode 36The Fall Enrollment Picture and Peril for Post-Traditional Students
This episode discusses the national data on postsecondary enrollment, with a focus on the particularly damaging impact the pandemic and the recession have had on the most vulnerable students. 

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February 2021 Professional Development Events

Professional Development Calendar

AtD Webinar: Applying a Holistic Systems Approach to Designing Student Supports | Virtual | February 1, 2021 | 1 PM

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March 2021 Legislative Update

CAPACRAO March 2021 Legislative Update

Policymakers have been busy in recent weeks. Miguel Cardona was confirmed as the secretary of the US Department of Education, a new COVID relief bill was passed in the House of Representatives, and more. This AACRAO transcript provides a good roundup of what is happening at the federal level. 

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2020 Dual Enrollment and Early College Legislative Review

What were the trends in state legislation in 2020 when it comes to Dual Enrollment and Early College?

Last year, 21 new laws impacting college in high school programs passed in 14 states. Learn more about those new laws and other trends in state legislation in CHSA's new 2020 Year in Review:

Are you noticing any trends? What do you believe is on the horizon for Maryland?
What bills should colleagues be aware of?

Keep colleagues informed. Feel free to comment below.

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COVID Compliant Volunteer Opportunities

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Work in the COVID environment has been a little stressful for individuals. Whether you are working from home or commuting to the office, there is a demand to still be "on" all the time. How does one take time out for themselves? Often giving back and channeling away from the day-to-day work of home and the office helps. Consider volunteering a little bit of your time with the following activities. And the best thing, they are social distance compliant! 

For those who like outdoor activity
Charity Miles: Earn money for the charity of your choice by walking. Charity Miles lets you turn a neighborhood jog or weekend hike into a fundraiser for good. Just choose a charity and get moving. The app tracks your movement. For every mile you log, you help to earn money for your chosen charity. Choose from over 40 charities that are making a big impact on health, children, animals, the environment, education, veterans and more. 
Click here to get fit and make an impact:

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We Are...AACRAO 2021 Award Winners

AACRAO celebrates 2021 award winners

Thomas A. Bilger Award - Seth Kamen - University of Baltimore

Named for a Past President of AACRAO, this award is presented to a member in recognition of consistent vision, service, and leadership in AACRAO with seven or more years of volunteer service.

Elbert W. Ockerman State and Regional Professional Activity Award - CAPACRAO

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New Episode: For The Record

The newest episode of For The Record is here
View previous episodes and check out future topics for Season 3.

AACRAO Transcript 1/21/2021

AACRAO Transcript - Week of 1/21/2021
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