Rejuvenate Your LinkedIn Profile

Rejuvenate Your LinkedIn Profile

Jane Deehan, Senior Content Marketing Manager at LinkedIn, has complied a list of 20 ways to rejuvenate your LinkedIn profile in 2022.  To help our members get the most out of their LinkedIn profile, CAPACRAO has highlighted 5 of Deehan's tips below.

  1. Photos: Choose the right profile picture for LinkedIn and Add a background photo.
    For your profile picture, Deehan suggests that you use a recent photo where your face is taking up around 60% of the frame. Remember to also dress how you would like to dress for work and smile with your eyes!
    Make sure you choose a background picture that shows what matters to you.

2. Make your headline more than just a job title.
For example, share why you do what you do and what makes you “tick.” And if you know people who are great at social selling look at their profile for inspiration.

3. Spread the endorsement love.
Deehan states that giving genuine endorsements to others often triggers them do return the favor. Endorsements increase your credibility.

4. Take a skills assessment.
Data reveals that candidates with verified skills are around 30% more likely to be hired. You can retake the tests as often as you like and displaying your results in completely voluntary.

5. Share relevant content from your LinkedIn feed.
Play an active role in your network by keeping an eye on your LinkedIn feed and sharing content that is interesting to you and aligns with your point of view.

Follow the link below to check out Jane Deehan’s full article for the other 15 ways to make your LinkedIn profile even better.
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